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Development workshops using accelerated learning techniques that incorporate
colour, sounds and creativity

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Nuggets of learning started in 2004 and is based near Guildford in Surrey.

The principal is Beverlie Wilkinson and the company specialises in interactive learning and development workshops using unique and exciting techniques that challenge traditional methods.  The company works with major UK organisations

We appreciate that in business time is of the essence, which is why all our training programmes are segmented into highly flexible Topic Areas and delivered to you in a range of suitable workshops.

This allows our many clients to develop their personal business management skills in the short time available to them.

including Savills, VocaLink Mastercard and the RNLI.
The company charges per workshop and understands that every organisation has its own individual requirements.  We are experienced at creating bespoke programmes tailored entirely to meet the needs of the company.

Welcome to Nuggets of learning.  We bring learning to life making it a motivating, memorable and collective occasion.  By bringing your five senses into play we stimulate the brain to increase the ability to learn.

Half Day Workshops


90 Minute Nuggets

Full Day Workshops

Effective learning

It was Henry Ford that said: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young”.

Making Email Work for You

To celebrate the launch of our exciting new book we’ve also added a great range of practical workshops to equip you with all the know-how you’ll need to transform the way you use email within your business.

We’ve already helped many clients excel in their email communication through our series of workshops and the feedback we’ve had is that it’s been invaluable. It is feedback like this that has inspired us to write a book and share it with as many clients as possible.


• Create an up-to-date email culture for your business

• How to write effective emails

• Inbox management

To find out more about how to book a series of practical workshops 'Making email work for you', please contact Bev on 01483 898 936.

Available to buy now from

Why accelerated learning increases your L&D ROI

HR departments are always under pressure to reduce costs and reduce returns. How can you get better
value for money? Can you really deliver more with less? Using accelerated leaning could be the answer.

To find out more click here to read Beverlie Wilkinson's article on

On average, interacting all five senses achieves a huge improvement in the speed and effectiveness of learning.


Interactive techniques

Colourful coaching

Colourful Coaching harnesses vibrant and exciting techniques to inspire delegates to achieve their own goals, through confidential individual coaching that provides direction, clarity and encouragement in a challenging yet practical way.

The key to the programme is in developing an effective relationship between coach and delegate helped by condensing the two opening sessions within a two-week period.

Every delegate is provided with an A5 folder and after each session notes are provided. Often a colourful pathway (using Post-it notes) is created to give direction and clarity, this would be done during the session.

Nuggets of knowledge = Minds of gold


Nuggets of Learning Limited
Bramley Manor,
High Street,  Bramley,
Surrey,  GU5 0HS.

Tel:        01483 898 936

Email:  bev@nuggetsoflearning.co.uk


We offer personal and management development workshops using accelerated learning techniques that incorporate colour, sounds
and creativity:

90 Minute Nuggets

Half Day Workshops

Full Day Workshops

Colourful Coaching

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